Cody Riniker

Personal Website

About Me

  • I went to Kansas State University and graduated in 2018 with a degree in computer science.

Computer Hardware and IT

  • Troubleshooting common issues such as printers and program installations.
  • Networking, Connection computers over a network and using applications like Active Directory to manage them.
  • Program development, Creating Applications using languages like power shell and batch scripts to help automate tasks.
  • Experience with several distros including Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS, Kali Linux.
  • Server management and maintenance using a linux environment.
  • Program development, Creating Applications like parallel computing.
  • Helped troubleshoot end user issues on Apple devices.

Programming Experience

  • Have created applications in multiple different environments.
  • Manage Websites that handle user requests.
  • Created desktop applications to parse and analyze data.
  • Experience creating programs for mechanical devices.
  • Experaince with
    • C/C++
    • Java
    • JavaScript, Angular, React.js
    • Python
    • .NET, C# Visual Basic, ASP.NET
    • PowerShell
  • Some examples of programs I've made
    • Use with Selenium to test webpages
    • Managed and queried SQL databases
    • Created responsive web apps.
    • Web scrappers
    • several games
    • Several desktop applications to manage, sort, and manipulate data
    • Parllalized programs to take advantage of multiple cores and computers
    • Handled electroinc circuts and hardware level logic
    • Byte level arthimatic and logic
    • Hardware configurations and management
    • Automated windows task
    • Created program pipelines in both windows and Linux
  • I usally try to use the best language/tools for the task at hand. For some of my projects I need to make pipelines that require using multiple different softwares and programs written in different languages.